Thursday, August 16, 2012

RDV Sportsplex Illustrated (Fall 2012)

Canyoneros have been promoting the adventure racing spirit around us.  Many read our blogs and accounts and live vicariously through our stories, anxiously awaiting the next chapter.  Some have come to join us and race by our side.  We have been fortunate and blessed to be able to participate in such a sport.  We hope that by publishing our stories, rich with raw pictures and sometimes captivating video, we can help grow enthusiasm for the sport, especially for our organizer, Pangea Adventure Racing.

Our training gym, the RDV Sportsplex in Maitland, has published an article about our team and the exhilarating adventures we recalled during an interview.  The RDV has six locations in the US (which has over 32,000 members), with the one in Maitland being the previous training grounds for the Orlando Magic.  We received honors of the front cover!

Here's an online digital copy of the whole magazine:

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