Saturday, September 28, 2019

Eco Challenge Fiji 2019 - The World's Toughest Race

We're currently under NDA, so not much can be said about this race.  We had an experience of a lifetime though, through the scenic Fiji islands, jungles, rivers and oceans, to the interactions with the friendliest local people.  This race was produced by Mark Burnett, in conjunction with Amazon Prime and MGM, and hosted by Bear Grylls.  It should air sometime in the first half of next year, 2020.  Stay tuned...

Team Canyoneros - Steven Geer (left), Lena McKnight, Greg Watson, Nathan Whitaker, Hien Nguyen


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  2. Now that the show is live, can you spill the beans? Tell us about your race experiences. Hardships? Triumphs? Maybe nice long race report blog post?

    1. This one might take me a bit to write, as it was a lifetime of memorable experiences crammed into 11 days of racing.